I was born around April 1, 2014 in South Central Los Angeles. I was at a "kill" shelter (an oxymoron) with less than one hour left to live. Pat the Shelter Manager called Joan a rescue volunteer, to come get 3 other cats. Joan saw me and my 2 sisters and rescued all 6 of us.

Joan fosters her cats with The Stray Cat Alliance, "SCA". The good people at the SCA thought me and my siblings were so cute, she got us into a photo shoot with a gorgeous lingerie model. Then I was adopted by a married couple with grown children and an older step-sister cat.

I am so happy to be alive with my new owners! The first day I went to my new house, I was a scared little guy. I was 12 weeks old, had just been neutered and it was the first time being away from Joan and my litter mates. Within maybe 3 minutes of being left to explore the enclosed kitchen, I disappeared. Six people searched for 5 1/2 hours for me. They found me in the housing inside the stove. So I earned my name, Stovepipe.

A week after I was adopted, I left on a 20 day, 4,000+ mile road trip from L..A to Dallas to Portland to Las Vegas and back. I am a natural traveler so now I go everywhere the humans go including the bank, Post Office, Walmart, Best, Buy, Target and business meetings. Accordingly, my name evolved into Stovepipe The Traveling Cat.

I have been to Palm Springs, Flagstaff, Abuquerque, Dallas, Denver, Twin Falls Idaho, Portland, Sacramento, Oakland, Reno Las Vegas, Mt. Shasta and numerous other places before I was 4 months old and I have incredible pictures to prove it. Check them out at

All of my travel and living expenses are paid by the Almost Invisible Cat Litter Company. This Cat Litter is amazing. 1' of material will guarantee no litter box odors for 4 full weeks. Check it out My adopters want everybody to know how cool rescued cats can be and put an end to the systematic killing of household pets in the USA and the rest of the world. More importantly, I want to thank all of the rescue volunteers in the world and show them how much their efforts are appreciated.  Accordingly, The Almost Invisible Cat Litter "StovePipe" Volunteer Appreciation Program has been created in my honor.  This is believed to be the first Nation Wide, 100% free, animal rescue and care volunteer reward and recognition program in the USA.  Tabby's Place Sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey was the first adopter of this program.  We are providing additional financial support to Tabby's Place and we sponsor Tanzanite - Paraplegic Kitten, the cutest animal ever, and we encourge you to support this great group of people and pets as well.





All of StovePipe's travel and living expenses are paid by the Almost Invisible Cat Litter Company. Their Cat Litter is amazing. Just 1' of material in the litter box and you will not smell any litter box odors for 4 full weeks. Check it out