Premium Litter Scoops

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We offer 2 types of premium litter scoops; our own brand, the stainless steel Almost Invisible Speed Scoop (pictured above left) and the cast aluminum DuraScoop (pictured above right) in 3 colors.

Both brands are top of the line quality, strong, durable and will never bend and flick litter all over the house.  Both brands come with a 5 year unconditional warranties for normal use. We have used and liked both products for cleaning the litter box shared by StovePipe The Traveling Cat and our other 3 cats. To find out which is right for you, please consider our personal observations and research on both products below:  

SPEED: The Almost Invisible Speed Scoop will allow you to scoop about 10 times as fast and than the Durascoop and 20 - 30 times faster than many inferior scoops.  Having more slots per square inch on the scoop surface allows litter to move more quickly through the slots and keeps dust and scatter down regardless.  

DUST REDUCTION:  The Almost Invisible Speed Scoop kicks up less dust while scooping, regardless of the type of litter that you are using.  

THOROUGHNESS: Often dried out solids can break into smaller pieces. The Durascoop has slightly more narrow groves and can pick up some small pieces of solids than the Almost Invisible Speed Scoop cannot.   

SCATTER: There is no need to sift sideways with the Almost Invisible Speed Scoop.  This drastically reduces the amount of litter particles which fall outside the litter box due to our scooping.

COMFORT:  The DuraScoop has a smoothe, hard plastic handle and will most likely feel better in your hand than the Almost Invisible Speed Scoop which has a handle made of 4 connecting metal wire rods.

POWER:  If you are using a clumping clay litter (I really hope you are not) and need to scrape off clay that sticks to the bottom of the tray, we have been told by others that the Almost Invisible Speed Scoop will give you more power when doing this difficult scrapping. Additionally, DuraScoop users often need to reverse the Scoop in order to Since we exclusively use StovePipeCat's Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter and never need to scrape, we can only rely on those that have told us the difference. 

SIZE: The Durascoop is slighty wider and the Almost Invisible Speed Spoop is an inch longer. The weight is essentially the same, under 0.6 lbs. 

COLORS: The Durascoops are available in 3 colors. The Almost Invisible Speed Scoop is not. 

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