Getting Started and Directions



Many cats start using Almost Invisible Cat Litter as soon as the bag gets poured.  The majority of non-senior cats will transition in 2 - 3 days and a very small number of cats need a week to switch.  Please follow these simple steps and we are 95% certain that your cat will use this fabulous product as well.    

1. Do not immediately remove all of your old litter and force your your cats to switch.  

2. Put an additional tray containing Almost Invisible Cat Litter in the same room or area as your exisiting litter trays, preferably in the same spot and let the cats switch when they are ready to do so on their own.  

3. If your cat has not switched within 1 week, put their regular litter on top of the Almost Invisible Cat Litter and remover thier old litter.  

4.  When it is apparent that your cat(s) are using Almost Invisible, you can remove the other litter tray(s).

5.  Many cats and groups of cats will urinate in one litter box and defecate in the other.  If this happens during the transition, you can expect the same activity to continue after all boxes are switched to Almost Invisible.  

Below, Summer and Binga from www.SparkleCat.Com (April 10, 2015) jumped immediately into a tray of Almost Invisible Cat Litter the moment it was poured out.  I believe Binga was 12 years old at that time.



DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Almost Invisible Cat Litter are packaged in self standing, half transparent 9 pound bags with very strong built-in handles that makes lifting, carrying and pouring out the cat litter quite easy.   


Pour out enough litter that your cat(s) do not struggle to bury solids or leave exposed areas of the bottom of your litter tray after scratching or burying.  Many people use as little as 1" of material with great success.  Scoop the solids  and thoroughly stir 1 or 2 times daily daily. The more thoroughly and often you stir the longer our totally odor free cat litter will last. Almost Invisible Cat Litter is non-clumping. If you get a bunch of freshly urine soaked gel particles on your scooper, do not remove them.  Drop them back into the litter box and disperse them by stirring.  We highly recommend stirring with an Almost Invisible Speed Scoop, which will allow you scoop 10 times or more faster than any other scooper and kick up less dust or scatter, no matter what type of litter you are using.  

Initially, you will not smell urine even when you are scooping or stirring.  Just after the mid-point of the litters usable life, you should expect a urine smell when you are scooping or stirring. This smell will only be noticeable when you are working on the litter box.  When all of the litter turns dark yellow, it still will not smell. The color change serves as a warning that the effectiveness is nearing the end. Often, you will start smelling amonia a day or two before the urine smell is noticable.  

Each 9 pound bag will get 9 - 12 weeks of litter for one cat or 3 to 4 weeks of use with 4 cats, etc. when your litter box is properly maintained. If you have larger cats, exotic breeds or live in humid areas, especially during summer months, performance can be adversely impacted, but our product will still control odor and last longer than any other litter product on the market.  Period!