G That's Awesome Certified Organic Dog Shampoo - 2 Ounce

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Our tiny 2 oz is great for traveling, or to have on hand for that inevitable emergency. Two ounces is usually enough to get a small animal de-skunked in only 1 washing. Get the animal wet and then lather up with our Awesome Organic shampoo. It is easy to apply to animals with coarse hair and dense coats. At only $5.00 per unit, it makes a great gift for you pet loving friends.  

* Guaranteed to remove skunk and the worst possible organic odors without harming or reacting to skin

* All ingredients certified to USDA (Human Grade) Standards

* Totally safe for human and animal skin

* Leaves animals coats shiny, healthy and smelling nice

* Specifically formulated for dogs. Some cats my find lavendar objectionable.

* Gentle on skin, but rough on odors

* 100% BioDegradable

* Packaged in BPA-Free containers