Anti-Icky-Poo Pints Donated to Maryland Cat Rescue

Anti-Icky-Poo Pints Donated to Maryland Cat Rescue

Posted by The Grand Poo-Bah on 18th Jan 2015

My lost wager on Steelers vs. Ravens playoff game is win for Cats R Us rescue group in Arnold Maryland.  As payment of the debt to Ravens SuperFan Beth,  12 Anti-icky-Poo pints have been donated and shipped to Cats R Us. 

As always, the two teams that collide in the NFL’s most intense annual rivalry was another epic battle. Both teams played admirably and neither team stinks. When you and/or your cat fosters use Anti-Icky-Poo, we will guarantee that your team’s home playing field will not stink either.

Anti-icky-Poo is the most highly effective odor removal product available on the market today. More veterinarians use and recommend our product than any other. We would also like to point out to rescuers, shelters and fosters like yourselves, that urination issues are one of, if not the most, common reason that animals need to be rescued. With the use of Anti-Icky-Poo, we would expect fewer abandonment and surrenders to occur, because our product will make urination problems manageable. Please find more product information at our website

This case of 12 pints has a retail value of $134. Please use them yourself, sell them to raise more money, or give them out to volunteers and fosters as gifts or rewards. Our company is very committed to providing support to rescues and animal charities. We call it the “StovePipeLine" in honor of StovePipeCat our spokescat, who was also a last minute rescue from death row. We also sell StovePipeCat’s Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter, which far out-performs any other cat litter on the marketplace. We would love to introduce our litter to non-profit organizations, through StovePipeCat’s Volunteer Appreciation Program, which is absolutely 100% free to your 501c3. Details are available at

Additional information about Anti-Icky-Poo, StovePipeCat's Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter and StovePipeCat's Voulunteer Appreciation Program at (866) 247-5221