Almost Invisible Cat Litter

CONGRATULATIONS: You just found the cat litter product that solves all litter issues and will far exceed your expectations of what cat litter can accomplish.  NOBODY WILL EVER SMELL YOUR CAT'S LITTER BOX ODOR again, even if they are only a few feet from the tray.  Incredibly, Almost Invisible Cat Litter will totally suppress odors from the cat box for 22 - 30 days while using slightly more than 1" of material.  Really! Additionally, there is virtually no dust, minimal tracking, and daily maintenance is simple and takes just seconds each day.  Try our product and you too will thank StovePipeCat for permanently ridding your home of cat odors forever.   


Unique Particle Size: Almost Invisible Cat Litter is totally unscented and has a unique particle size, shape and texture that is quite similar to sand.  It approximates the exact type of material that a feline in the wild would use as litter.  When your cat steps on a tray of Almost Invisible Cat litter, it feels natural and instinctive for the cat to use it.  


  • Absolutely No Odor: With a little more than 1” of material in your litter tray, nobody will smell you cat box for 22 – 30 days.  REALLY!  You will smell ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when using Almost Invisible Cat Litter and that is not an exaggeration. Urine odor is neutralized within 30 seconds of contact with Almost Invisible Cat Litter. Solids are dried out very quickly and will not smell even if not fully buried. 

stovepipecat-yosemite-almost-invisible-cat-litter-1.jpgMinimally TrackingAlmost Invisible Cat Litter does not stick to paws or fur, even with long haired cats.  Each particle has an irregular cut which prevents particles that leave the box from rolling.  All in all, it is as non-tracking as it gets.

  • Virtually No Dust:  When pouring out the bag, there will be a puff of dust.  After that, there is no dust. You will not see dust when the cat is scratching or you are cleaning.  Additionally, you will never, ever see a footprint in your home again. This highly inert material is great for people with allergies, health issues and dust-aversions.  Almost Invisible Cat Litter does not contain crystalline Silica.
  • Acceptance Rate: We boast the highest acceptance rate of all cat litters.  Approximately 90% of all cats will use and accept Almost Invisible Cat Litter, including cats that never tried a Silica-Gel based product previously. Below, 14 year old sister "Binga," and 15 month old "Summer" of  www.SparkleCat.Com each used Almost Invisible Cat Litter immediately, eventhough niether cat had ever seen or used a Silica-Gel Litter previously.  Click here to read SparkleCat.Com's review of Almost Invisible Cat Litter. 


  • Weight:  Almost Invisible Cat Litter is 44% lighter than clay and picking up a used tray is much easier than clay.  Our new 9 pound bags have a built-in handle that does not break, making carrying our bags much easier.   


  • Material Consistency:  The size, shape and texture of each Almost Invisible Cat Litter Granule will not change over time even with usage.  Cats will continue to use Almost Invisible Cat Litter for extended time periods since the size, shape and texture of litter material does not change after use. 
  • Cost Effectiveness:  Almost Invisible Cat Litter has a monthly cost of use under $10.00 per cat per month.  The average consumer spends about $14.33 per cat per month on inferior cat litters. 
  • Non Toxic:  Almost Invisible Cat Litter holds the Feline Wellness Magazine Stamp of Approval. Even if it is swallowed, Almost Invisible Cat Litter is totally Non-Toxic and will not clump or block intestines. 


  • Simple and Time Saving Maintenance:  Just scoop the solids and thoroughly stir the litter tray at least once per day.  When the litter gets saturated, responsibly discard the entire contents of the tray using Biodegradable Waste Bags, clean and spray the tray with Anti-Icky-Poo, and reload the tray.  It's easy and takes only a few seconds. Almost Invisible Cat Litter is easily removed from the bottom of the tray with virtually no effort. You will never need to scrape again.  For maximum efficiency, we recommend using a Jumbo Durascoop Litterbox Tool


Almost Invisible Cat Litter is the 2014 Pet Product News International Editors Choice Award Winner in the prestigious Cat Litter Category. 


 durascoop.jpgScoop your Almost Invisible Cat Litter with an indestructable cast aluminum Jumbo Durascoop.  It will be the last scoop you ever purchase. 




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