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StovePipeCat Wants to Talk at L.A. City Council Meeting

Posted by Earnest Cattingway on

StovePipeCat, who was sentenced to death at a Los Angeles animal shelter, despite never having committed a crime, failed to use a litter box or scratched the furniture, wants to tell Los Angeles City Council members in person that an increase in the number of allowable cats per household will greatly reduce the number of innocent animals that are euthanized by the city every day.  The P.A.W.S Committee will hold a hearing to discuss increasing the household cat limit from 3 to 5 cats on February 17, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. at the L.A City Downtown City Hall. The proposal wes initially proposed by Councilman Paul Koretz (pictured below).

By being a cat and being saved from death row, StovePipeCat's has a unique and unusual perspective on this matter.  Accordingly, he wants to be heard when the City Council Committee meets to discuss this matter on the 17th.  StovePipeCat's next challenge is to get into the City Hall building on the day of the hearing.  StovePipeCat is confident that if he could go from death row to the face of the Almost invisible Cat Litter Brand, thanks in part to the efforts of the StrayCatAlliance, he will be able to get into a government building.  

Donations Made to California No-Kill Shelter

G That's Awesome Brands donated StovePipeCat's Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter, Anti-Icky-Poo, Litter Trays and DuraScoops to the Town and Country Humane Society in Orland, California.  Town and Country is California's only No-Kill shelter north of Sacramento and presently provides care to over 40 cats and numerous dogs.  "Of the dozens and dozens of donations [...]

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StovePipeCat Wishes Everyone A Great MLKat Day

"I have a dream....... That one day we will live in a world, where we will not be judged by the color of our fur, but by the love we bring into others lives."  -- Martin StovePipe Luther King-Cat

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Anti-Icky-Poo Pints Donated to Maryland Cat Rescue

My lost wager on Steelers vs. Ravens playoff game is win for Cats R Us rescue group in Arnold Maryland.  As payment of the debt to Ravens SuperFan Beth,  12 Anti-icky-Poo pints have been donated and shipped to Cats R Us.  As always, the two teams that collide in the NFL’s most intense annual rivalry was another [...]

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Underdog Pet Supplies Rapidly Selling Almost Invisible Cat Litter

There is no need to fear, Underdog Pet Supplies is here. The San Francisco pet supplies retailer continues to sell StovePipeCat's Almost Invisible Cat Litter at an astonishing rate. "I tried Almost Invisible Cat Litter and I have not smelled a cat odor since then," said Underdog's Rizza Punzalan. "Its really easy to sell. I tell my customers [...]

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StovePipeCat Proposes First Step Towards Reducing Crowded Shelters

If I were Petsident, I would triple the legal number of allowable cats per household.  Please encourage StovePipeCat to run for Petsident by following him  at

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Santa Rosa Cat Show Manager and Club President Sally Daniels Endorses Almost Invisible Cat Litter

"I love StovePipeCats' Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter because it is odorless and does not leave stains on my cats fur. It also can be used with kittens over 8 weeks old, as it is harmless and totally non-toxic." -- Sally Daniels. A member of the CFA Persian Breed Council, Sally Daniels of [...]

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StovePipeCat issues political statement from Sacramento

"If I became Petsident, I would eliminate all government pork, replace it with tuna, and give every pet owner an odor free home" - #StovePipeCatMY NAME IS #STOVEPIPECAT AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE BECAUSE THIS SPONSORS PAID ME 

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Autographed Lonnie Anderson Durascoop purchased. Proceed given to animal charity

A premium DuraScoop litter box tool autographed by actress Lonnie Anderson was purchased today by Eric Grushkin,'s Grand Poo-Bah.  The $50 price will be donated to Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode, a non-profit organization to help execute Project StovePipeCat I, an effort to relocate and find good homes for 20 cats in the Sacramento area.  "I [...]

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StovePipeCat mulls official bid for Petsidency

StovePipe Cat, the fully healthy kitty that had previously been sentenced to death without ever having committed a crime or failed to properly use a litter box, is giving “serious thought to formally throwing his Stove Pipe Hat into the ring for Petsident” according to a bald-headed source close to the regal white domestic short hair that asked to [...]

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