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Springfield Oregon pet retailer rapidly selling Almost Invisible Cat Litter

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Oregon pet retailer All American Pet, located at 1833 Pioneer Parkway in Springfield, Oregon is reordering StovePipeCat's Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter after only 3 weeks.  Word is spreading about the uniqueness and superiority of the only high-density scoopable silica gel cat litter available in the marketplace today. Once you try Almost Invisible Cat Litter, you will never want to go back to regular litter again.   

GotPetFood in Santa Monica California has Almost Invisible Cat Litter

Family owned since 1945, GotPetFood, located at 1840 14th Street in Santa Monica, CA is now carrying 9 pound bags of StovePipeCat's Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter.  GotPetFood also has Anti-Icky-Poo in stock as well as hundreds of other hard to find quality pet products.  

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Donations Made to California No-Kill Shelter

G That's Awesome Brands donated StovePipeCat's Awesome Almost Invisible Cat Litter, Anti-Icky-Poo, Litter Trays and DuraScoops to the Town and Country Humane Society in Orland, California.  Town and Country is California's only No-Kill shelter north of Sacramento and presently provides care to over 40 cats and numerous dogs.  "Of the dozens and dozens of donations [...]

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StovePipeCat Proposes First Step Towards Reducing Crowded Shelters

If I were Petsident, I would triple the legal number of allowable cats per household.  Please encourage StovePipeCat to run for Petsident by following him  at

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StovePipeCat issues political statement from Sacramento

"If I became Petsident, I would eliminate all government pork, replace it with tuna, and give every pet owner an odor free home" - #StovePipeCatMY NAME IS #STOVEPIPECAT AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE BECAUSE THIS SPONSORS PAID ME 

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Autographed Lonnie Anderson Durascoop purchased. Proceed given to animal charity

A premium DuraScoop litter box tool autographed by actress Lonnie Anderson was purchased today by Eric Grushkin,'s Grand Poo-Bah.  The $50 price will be donated to Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode, a non-profit organization to help execute Project StovePipeCat I, an effort to relocate and find good homes for 20 cats in the Sacramento area.  "I [...]

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StovePipeCat mulls official bid for Petsidency

StovePipe Cat, the fully healthy kitty that had previously been sentenced to death without ever having committed a crime or failed to properly use a litter box, is giving “serious thought to formally throwing his Stove Pipe Hat into the ring for Petsident” according to a bald-headed source close to the regal white domestic short hair that asked to [...]

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