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Almost Invisible Cat Litter (36 Pounds) - Save $24

38.00 LBS
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Product Description


Four new 9 pound bags of Almost Invisble Cat Litter (36 pounds) shipped right to your door




  • Performance: With only 1” of material in your litter tray, you will no longer smell you cat box for 22 – 30 days.  REALLY!  You will smell ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when using Almost Invisible Cat Litter and that is not an exaggeration. Urine odor is neutralized within 30 seconds of contact with Almost Invisible Cat Litter. Solids are dried out very quickly and will not smell even if not fully buried. 
  • Minimally Tracking:  Almost Invisible Cat Litter does not stick to paws or fur, even with long haired cats.  Each particle has an irregular cut which prevents particles that leave the box from rolling.  All in all, it is as non-tracking as it gets.
  • Virtually No Dust:  When pouring out the bag, there will be a puff of dust.  After that, there is no dust. You will not see dust  when the cat is scratching or you are cleaning.  Additionally, you will never, ever see a footprint in your home again. This highly inert material is great for people with allergies, health issues and dust-aversions.
  • Simple and Time Saving Maintenance:  Just scoop the solids and thoroughly stir the litter tray at least once per day.  When the litter gets saturated, responsibly discard the entire contents of the tray, clean and spray the tray with Anti-Icky-Poo, and reload the tray.  Its easy and takes only a few seconds. Almost Insible Cat Litter is easily removed from the bottom of the tray with virtually no effort. You will never need to scrape again.  For maxium efficiency, we reommend using a Jumbo Durascoop Litterbox Tool.   



  • Weight:  Almost Invisible Cat Litter is 44% lighter than clay and picking up a used tray is much easier than clay.  Our new 9 pound bags have a built-in handle that does not break, making carrying our bags much easier.   



  • Unique Particle Size: Almost Invisble Cat Litter is totally unscented and has a unique particle size, shape and texture that is quite similar to sand.  It proximates the exact type of material that a feline in the wild would use as litter.  When your cat steps on a tray of Almost Invisible Cat litter, it feels natural and instinctive for the cat to use it.  
  • Acceptance Rate: Based on our sales experience over our first 18 months of sales, more than 85% of all cats under 10 years of age will use and accept almost Invisible Cat Litter, including cats that never tried a Silica-Gel based product previously. 
  • Material Consistency:  The size, shape and texture of each Almost Invisible Cat Litter Granule will not change over time even with usage.  Cats will continue to use Almost Invisible Cat Litter for extended time periods since the size, shape and texture of litter material does not change after use. 
  • Cost Effectiveness:  Almost Invisible Cat Litter has a monthly cost of use of under$10.00 per cat per month.  The average consumer spends about $14.33 per cat per month on inferior cat litters. 


  • Non Toxic and Biodegradable:  Almost Invisible Cat Litter holds the Feline Wellness Magazine Stamp of Approval.  Cats occasionally lick litter particles, especially when it is new.  Even if it is swallowed, Almost Invisible Cat Litter is totally Non-Toxic and will not clump or block intestines. 


Almost Invisible Cat Litter is the 2014 Editors Choice Award Winner in the prestigious Cat Litter Litter Category 












Four new 9 pound bags of Almost Invisble Cat Litter (36 pounds) shipped right to your door



Product Reviews

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  1. No more stinky smell 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Sep 2016

    This was referred by Katelyn of the LA Cat Club where I adopted my cat. I have my cat litter box in my room and I was using scoop away and you can still smell the stinky poo aside from that when you pour the scoop away there are like dust and you inhale that with the Almost Invisible Cat Litter there's no air dust when you pour it and you really can't smell anything. It maybe in a high price range but you get what you pay for. No smell or with smell. I will highly recommend this to everyone who has cats. It really works

  2. It's really true 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Sep 2016

    All the claims they make about no odor are true! The price is hard to swallow at first purchase, but then you see that it is the best litter on the market. You do not have to change it for weeks- really. It neutralizes the urine smell for almost a month when it gets too saturated and needs to be changed. I have several litter boxes and my two cats seem to prefer to put their solid waste in one and liquid in another. Works for me!!!! Take a chance...I think you will be amazed! And their Anti-icky poo liquid cleaner is fantastic too. so glad I found this company.

  3. Lose the litterbox Smell 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Aug 2016

    We have three cats (all rescues) and always scoop the separate boxes several times a day...but there was always a lingering odor. We have been using Almost Invisible Cat Litter for four months and can't say enough good things about it. Love the fact that it doesn't track and absorbs odors immediately. We will use it forever.

  4. 8 year old Territorial Brothers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2016

    Almost Invisible Cat Litter works as adverstised. It is excellent. Use as instructed. I have two 8 year old very 17 lb muscular, territorial neutered brothers, one who has become increasingly fussy about litter as he ages. He and his brother love this cat litter, almost as much as they love the sand outside in their cat enclosure. Also, there is no more cat litter smell, and very little dust compared with some other litters. Excellent product. Thanks!

  5. Who has cats? 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th May 2016

    I have tried all varieties of litter, and by far this product is worth its weight in gold. The odor of litter boxes disappears. I am never going back to the other products.

  6. Not great but better than my litter 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Mar 2016

    At a cat show when I saw this. Was told this litter was limited tracking. Now have more odor, but litter tracking doen a flight of stairs.

  7. No odor! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jan 2016

    I discovered this litter at a cat show last year and I have not used anything since. I realize most would think that it's expensive, but once you realize how long it last and no odor, it's worth it! I have Persians and after switching to this litter there is no tracking it around the house. Try it, and you will never switch back.

  8. Best litter on the market 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Dec 2015

    We love this litter and ordered it regularly. It is truly one of the best finds we have ever discovered. Our cats love it and it controls the odor, dust and clean up. Give it a try. You will never go back to old litter again.

  9. Impressive but dusty 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Nov 2015

    MY REVIEW OF "ALMOST INVISIBLE LITTER" - After doing some research, I contacted this US company and ordered 4 bags. The staff were very friendly and helpful.
    FIRST IMPRESSIONS - the litter itself had no noticeable odour and is a lovely shade of white. Both cats took to the litter immediately. I have two large litter boxes in the same bathroom, on either side of the toilet. I left one pan with their old litter for the first week. It's been over a month, how did it do?
    ODOUR CONTROL - the odour control was brilliant! The only time I smelled anything was right after a poop, or if the poop hadn't been buried. About half way through my experiment, I had a couple petless friends use my bathroom. Neither noticed ANY odour. (I used slightly more than the recommended 1")
    DUST - there was more dust than they suggested. All horizontal surfaces in my bathroom have a fine white dust after a few days. However, there was less dust throughout the house (see tracking comment.)
    TRACKING - I collected up to 1/4 teaspoon from the bathroom floor (ceramic tile) and about 1/8 teaspoon throughout my one level house (laminate) each day or two. The grains track way less than the corn litter I was using. A big difference is most other litters break or crumble when you step on the them, tracking litter dust everywhere. These grains don't break. The down side is this means, on a hard surface, you feel and hear them beneath your feet.
    CLEANING - the daily cleaning was a breeze. The litter itself isn't "flushable." Since a minimal amount of silica was attached to the poops, I chose to flush the solid waste. To maintain the litter you need to "stir" it at least once daily. This breaks up the urine allowing it to be absorbed by the silica.
    AESTHETICS - the litter starts out very attractive in a clean, crisp white state. As the days turn into weeks, the litter yellows with the urine it absorbs. Towards the end it becomes a pale sand colour. Not really attractive but not unexpected, it's a litter box.
    COST & AVAILABILITY - due to the incredibly sad state of the Canadian dollar, the cost for this litter is, frankly, prohibitive. At this point it is not available in Canada and can only be ordered or picked up in the US.
    FINAL WORDS - I would be willing to switch to this litter if it was more affordable. I have approached a local independent pet store and they said they would look into importation.

  10. Better Than Clay 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jul 2015

    We currently use pine litter but decided to try this as an alternative.

    Pine has a huge downside though and that is tracking, especially with long-haired cats. It gets absolutely everywhere.

    We have used many different types of litter in the past including clumping, plain clay, and recycled newspaper. I think this litter is better than any of those.

    - When the litter is fresh it is really easy to scoop, just a small bit of solid waste removal.
    - Some of our cats prefer it over the pine.
    - The bags are lighter than clay.
    - When it does track it makes the floor all gritty. Not worse than other sandy litters though.
    - It doesn't control odor as well as I thought. That bothers me a bit. I might need to put more litter in the box.
    - In a multicat house it doesn't last very long.

    I'm still undecided about switching from pine, we might continue to use both. But I do think it's better than almost anything else out there.

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